I Solved an Age-Old Debate For My Students


Image from Fansided’s “Dork Side of the Force” section.

Dear heavens. It’s nearly Thanksgiving Break, and I’ve decided to torture my students by making them write research papers. Is it sheer agony for them? Not quite– they’re writing on a topic related to social media, which at least offers them some choice– but very few people outside of a university office tend to love combing through databases to serve up some MLA-formatted argumentation.

I figure, if I’m making the students do it, I should do it– and give them a good example to work from in the process. But then I modified that second thought and decided to do a research paper on if Star Trek is better than Star Wars instead. It’s written with all of the enthusiasm and logic that a 15-year old version of me would muster, and it’s by no means conclusive. At the very least, it’ll give my students a chance to unpack how you make points, then quote and cite info to support them– all while laughing at my nerdy tics.

If you’d like to burn five minutes on it, it’s a thing of hideous beauty. Check it out here!

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One response to “I Solved an Age-Old Debate For My Students

  1. Andrew Di Tirro

    It was incredibly wrong, star trek is for nerds

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