So What’s New, Ben?

Well, a good amount, I think.

The last time I updated this site with any regularity, I was the communications director for my church, freshly married– and I posted a good bit about my design projects and what I was learning in life. When I decided to really put my comics work out there, I moved my flag over to Tumblr (hey– it was 2012) and let this thing lay fallow.

Then last year, I put some contextless comics pages up here with a promise of more to come. They’re the initial pages of my current graphic novel project, Waking Life, and I was exploring serializing it as a webcomic on my own time. Fortunately, Comicker Press picked it up, and now they do the hard work of updating it and putting it out in the world four times a week.

I changed jobs a bit (doing communications for a local Christian foundation for two years), then a bit more, coming back around to my education background and taking a position with my local high school. All the while, I’d been teaching on a volunteer basis with youth and adults at my church. Now I’ve got 125 teenagers that have to put up with me on the reg. I make them write a fair amount. I also have them read a lot of graphic novels. 🙂

I now have TWO kids. I have a contract and a publisher. I’m wanting to make a mark in students’ lives, and in the lives of those who choose to read my work. I want to document that again. Analyze what’s good. Unpack the things I find that work, and the things that I’m running up against.

Blogging is so 2008. (I’m pretty sure I should just be doing a newsletter now, amirite?) But I drive a minivan now and maintain a Roth IRA. I’m considering a return to cargo shorts. Out of fashion is my brand.

So let’s get antiquated. Let’s get reacquainted. There are comics to make, students to mold, and things to learn.

Keep your eyes peeled.

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