Storyboards 3: “The Bethlehem Effect” Bumper

From the beginning of our holiday planning, our church staff was talking about making a super-special Christmas video (called a “bumper”) to start our sermons. We were already trying to promote a semi-magical, storybook theme for all of our holiday messaging. So how did that translate into a minute-and-a-half video?

The conversation quickly turned toward animation.

Video wizard Vince and I talked about some initial ideas with our pastor, Steve. They had already picked out some music that they thought captured the feel of the holiday, so we built a video scenario based on that. Then, we took the scenario to a larger video consulting team to work out the kinks. After we felt good about our concept, we sent it out to the senior staff for final approval:

Our homework paid off. Approval was granted, and I started drafting the storyboard. I think it was one of our best yet.

Now all we had to do was put the dang thing together.

Next: The Bumper That Nearly Ate Us Alive

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