Storyboards 2: The Ask God Project

So as I started at the church, I expected to work alone a pretty good amount–  bathing in the glow of a Dell monitor all day long, pecking away at brochures and learning web design. That’s been true.

But I’ve also gotten to get collaborative with my colleague, Vince Mims. He is a video wizard, doing way advanced ninja stuff on his Mac that looks like it got beamed down from Invisible Children’s viral marketing department. We bandy ideas back and forth, I draw storyboards, he shoots and edits footage, and since we’ve began teaming up, we’ve been doing videos at the church at a pace of about two a month–  a pretty frequent rate for us.

One of the biggest so far was an informational spot on the “Ask God Project.”

Essentially, our church is undergoing a period of expansion, and not in the “Let’s super-size our sanctuary” kind of way. We’re running out of kids’ space (a good problem to have), and so we’re starting a campaign to build a new children’s building, along with some peripheral upgrades. But it takes some care to communicate the positives and uniqueness of our plan.

So Vince and I knew we had to bring our A-game. I think we did.

First, we drafted the storyboards:

Then we passed it to our supervisors and got some notes and corrections– in this case, mostly minor ones. After that, we recorded our narration and went hunting for footage. Fortunately for us, a guy named Jordan Bradley came in and shot some beautiful documentary-style material. We noted which of his clips we wanted on the storyboard (those are the notes in red), and then Vince began to work his magic. I think you’ll agree:

(Be sure to look at the 3D shots of the buildings– Vince made those out of 2D photos in Adobe After Effects!)

By all accounts, the video was received well. The campaign continues until November 20th (when we’ll debut a video on our Youth department– and we’ve got a sweet concept for that, too).

And if you’ve got the time, check out more of Vince’s work, at his website: Seven-Nine Productions. He does freelance on the side, folks!


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