I’ve alluded to the fact that I’ve been doing some video work for the day job. Here’s some evidence: a storyboard!

Perfected by Walt Disney’s studio in the 30’s, these are essentially giant comics that animators use to “previsualize” the cartoons they’re working on. They’re super-handy because they let you change things around and fix mistakes before you get deep into the time-consuming processes of drawing and filming. Pixar still works mostly from storyboards, and most live action films now use the technique as well.  Ridley Scott famously storyboarded scenes from Alien himself (which got him an increase in the film’s budget), and storyboard artists like Darwin Cooke, Bruce Timm, and Gabriel Hardman have crossed over the other way into mainstream comics. I’m pretty sure it’s one of the coolest jobs in Hollywood.

So why storyboard for a church? We do a lot of videos, frankly. This one in particular is for a project about when asking for big things from God looks futile.  It’s meant to be relatively silent, except for some sound effects and a music track, so reading the storyboard should be a complete experience in and of itself!

Behold (and click for larger versions):

I’ll post the finished video once it’s completed!

Update: 11/7/2011. The video… was cancelled. Sadly. But it was done in lieu of another project which you can find out about… in the next post!


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4 responses to “Storyboards

  1. Love seeing you still using your skills to entertain with comics. Great stuff!

  2. Nice! Will this be animated or live-action?

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