Tweets and Beats

When I worked at La Vega High, our tutoring room was right next to the band hall. Sound insulation? Not so great. And for some reason, the tuba section liked to warm up with “Seven Nation Army.”  So every morning at work, we’d get to kick things off with the incessant cadence of “bummmm bum-ba-bum bumm-bummm.”

Every morning.

EVERY morning.

(My co-workers loved it even less than I did.)

Anyway, here’s a notebook-paper tribute: 


Rock on.


On a tangential note (not a pun), I’m now taking a class that is gonna make me even more technologically prolific. It’s a section on education in the classroom, and instead of learning spreadsheets and macros, our assignments are cool things like this:

Holler back. That’s my new Twitter account. (Read my posts carefully: they might get graded).

It’s weird. Sometimes, this stuff makes me  feel like a Vaudevillian at the dawn of cinema. I mean, I love old-school mediums like pen-and-ink drawings, or reading library books. That’s how I”m used to communicating and being communicated with. But with Web 2.0 there’s now this whole new delivery system out there that so inclusive and meta-referential and collaborative…

(“he said on his blog”)

…anyway. Anticipatory and excited about scaling the learning curve.

Beware, future students. Mr. H is gonna wow you with whiteboard drawings and classroom tweets!

That is, if the freaking band would stop being so obnoxious…


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4 responses to “Tweets and Beats

  1. So glad i stumbled upon this. I hope you are doing good bro.

  2. christin

    I can’t believe you have twitter. I’m really not sure what to do about this…

    • benjamite

      Save up for an iPad with me. Then we can tweet all the tiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiimmmmeeee 🙂

  3. Anna

    so should i, or should i not follow you on twitter? (as in do you get a better grade for being “influential”….)

    Ps: the air quotes were totally gratuitous, just so you know…

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