We Just Can’t Stop Moving Forward

So, what’s been up the past few months?

Hope your semester’s been as pleasantly eventful as mine! Hoo-boy.  Here’s the quick breakdown since I last wrote:

1.) I left the coffee shop. I’ve actually been working with a social work agency since mid-January, tutoring and mentoring students at La Vega High School (a little north of Waco on I-35). I formed some great relationships with kids, learned a lot about how high schools work, and tried my hand at acting ‘hood. With middling success.

I think.


2.) We are now back in school.  Just completed the first summer session for my teaching program, and I have a week until session II kicks off. This calls for some fun books instead of textbooks. Maybe I can make more of a dent in Brothers Karamazov!


3.) I landed a teaching job starting in August. (I’m bragging now, guys).

The skinny? I’ll be a sophomore English teacher at A.J. Moore High, which is part of Waco ISD. Pray for my kids. I am unafraid to, and am in fact considering,  getting a sport coat with elbow pads and becoming that English teacher. The kind that gardens and reads literary journals for fun in their spare time (even if I’ve actually never done either).

And if you’ve got any inclination to be near Nashville around, say, late November, you should plan to come celebrate with me. Me and someone special. That’s because–











Yeah! I know! (Really bragging now)

If you don’t know Chrissy, I’d love for you to start here: http://grace-for-peace.blogspot.com. I am very excited about sharing life with this woman. She’s one of my best friends, and we’ve been blessed with similar passions and complimentary temperaments. Example: she’s a math teacher at another local high school. God bless our sure-to-be-nerdy children.

Anyway, I’m pretty pumped for us to practice one-ness. It’ll be tight.

Here’s to an interesting next half of 2010! TGBTG.

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