Domes up top

So apparently there was this dude back in the day who invented the modern dome.

The Romans, they had the dome thing down for years. But then, like, Germans invaded and stopped that whole Roman Empire thing and made everyone go Byzantine and then go stupid and then the rats brought the Dark Ages and everyone got so concerned with not coughing to death and inventing modern medicine that they stopped caring about domes and how to build them. So everyone forgot. And folks started lamenting that they couldn’t build pretty churches anymore.

But then this Italian dude whose name started with a B (and I can’t spell it, look up “Florence Cathedral” on Wikipedia and you’ll find it) came along and reinvented the dome. But he was a maverick builder. He didn’t give full schematics to his men; he abandoned the project for a couple years just to prove a point to a rival builder; and he was weird as all get out. He didn’t play by the rules, but he did what was neccessary to get his purpose accomplished.

I heard this the other night in a talk, and i was like, “Dang. I want to be like that guy.”

Can I play outside rules? I’m really hemmed in by wanting to follow fair play rules.



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3 responses to “Domes up top

  1. matt

    Wait, elaborate.

    How did the guy not play by the rules? Was it just abandoning the project, or did I miss something?

  2. davidspann

    That’ll preach ben! Let’s not get caught up in the way that everyone else goes about accomplishing their purpose. Shoot I think that we should start a “I don’t play by the rules, but I’m accomplishing my purpose” secret society or club or something. Anyone else down with that. BTW I’m going to write my first blog in a couple of days…get excited!

  3. he totally took his sweet time. It took well over ten years to build the thing… After he actually started. I was typing on the fly; didn’t communicate that so well

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