Why we do.

We survived another week. No one got seriously hurt, and we pretty much pwned the Pink Eye. We had more kids than usual, and the counselors did well.

But the best part of the week… man, the best part of the week…

A little child stood up during camper share night. He was the kind of kid you’d hire to be pose for a box of Life cereal or something. 7 or 8 years old, messy hair, big toothy grin. He took the mic we were passing around and said:

“I came here and already knew about Jesus. But this week, I found out He was amazing.”

Skip the whole supervisor thing. Probablyreason that I’m doing what I do this summer (I am reminded) is so that I can hear kids say this kind of stuff. And so I can remember the same thing.


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2 responses to “Why we do.

  1. That’s the most amazing thing I’ve heard all week. Makes my heart happy.

  2. sounds like you’re having a great summer, man. good to find you on the www.

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