Rock on starting… NOW

Well… welcome.

This is new, yes. Me and a couple of the brosephs are setting up our blog-action so we can keep in touch across big ol’ distances and find out what’s up in everyday life. I can already see this being really useful to update folks on what happens at summer camp. (It’s typically entertaining, if past experience proves true. At least for me, that is.)

In the end run, though, I’d like to use this as a place to post up, besides words, drawings, and (hopefully) stories. I can write private thoughts in that nice leather-bound journal I leave laying by my bed. I’d like this to be the place to open up the creativity for guests, and to see if anything worthwhile is said.

And to see if what comes out resounds with you.

much love, much peace,



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2 responses to “Rock on starting… NOW

  1. jkwakefield

    Rock on!!

  2. matt

    I get the feeling most of what you say will be ‘worthwhile’. Although I am biased.

    I dig the depiction, by the way. Was that for BSSL?

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