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Comics From Guests: A Million Thanks

My friend Julian is a crazy person (he orchestrated this, for example). He’s also a talented artist, which I didn’t quite realize until he was our houseguest for a few weeks while on a med school rotation. This cartoon was his way of saying thanks.

I was pretty gratified.

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What Are Colors?

Trying to gain some proficiency in watercolors before a live art event on Thursday night. Y’know what they do in TED Talks, where a guy sits at a whiteboard and creates a visual diagram/representation of what the speaker’s saying? We’re going to try and do that for an outdoor worship service. Except with the afore-mentioned watercolors.

(Which are demonstrating that their mastery is no simple task.)

But since I’ve been in sixth grade, I’ve gauged my mastery of static media by drawing the same character over and over. Thus, Spidey:

I’ll post the watercolored pics from the live event later this week.

P.S.- there may or may not be a pun in that title. Not that I’m proud of my cleverness. But I am.

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Spider-Man, Spider-Man

I mocked this up over my lunch break. (Do I smell a boast? Yes, that’s my boast.)

My goodness, I love Photoshop.

The process started on Saturday night when I drew this picture of Spidey for a kid at the church. I snapped it with a super low-res camera phone:

After opening it in Photoshop, I fiddled with the levels and started filling in spots with color to take out some of the dark splotch on his left foot. After seeing the picture in red-and-blue, I really wanted a background. A Google Images search for “New York Skyline” (no restriction on rights) got me this:

Which I used “posterize” to turn into this:

and then layered the final image on top of. Using the “Stroke” function from the “Layer Style” menu gave Spidey a nice white outline, and the result is what you see above.

I’m telling you. Photoshop is MAGIC.


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