Bah-na-nana-nana-nana Bah-na-nana-nana-nana…



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2 responses to “Bah-na-nana-nana-nana Bah-na-nana-nana-nana…

  1. andrew

    NICE! It looks like a mix of adam west and christian bale. and probably sounds like kevin conroy.

    I said, “same bat time, same bat channel” today at work and everyone looked at me like i was speaking Portuguese. really?

    Also, Batman vs. Iron Man. Who wins?

    • “Bat mesmo tempo, o canal bat mesmo?”

      I mean, Batman’s a manipulator. I think he’d take advantage of Iron Man’s rashness and find some way to sabotage him in a fight. But then I bet Tony Stark would retaliate by buying out Wayne Enterprises.

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