Post-It Sketches and The Message of Impermanence

Animator Don Hertzfeldt is a pretty cheeky and subversive guy. (You’ve seen this, haven’t you?)

I recall one time where he put a comic in this slick anthology called Flight  that was made entirely of Post-It notes. It struck me: that’s a great medium. Just looking at it, you know that it’s intended to store a quickly-scrawled idea for a short time, then be discarded once you flesh it out somewhere else. To keep it around and show it off? That’s a little subversive. It’s cool to buck the natural order and keep them around.

I’ve been trying some quick sketches on a pad in my office lately, and I like the practice. This would be a great format to do a project with, someday.

Can you spot the disguised tangent in the cowboy picture?

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