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We went over John 2 in church yesterday. Specifically, we examined how Jesus transformed water into wine at a wedding. I tried to engage with the sermon in a new way by sketching on my tablet. This was the result:

Scribbly, but still: such a cool way to doodle! Instead of pen, paper, and ink, I fleshed this out with 1’s and 0’s. The blank canvas was digital and tactile. And whenever you can fill a canvas in a new way, well dang. It’s as close to pure creation as we get.

But how much more does my Lord do with just some water in a clay jar?

Well. He gets symbolic, first. The transformation of this particular H2O was significant because it was set aside for ritual washing, which was a big deal to the Jews. Cleaning their arms and hands was equal parts obedience and holiness, as prescribed by the Torah.

But Jesus took the 1st century equivalent of Germ-X (with a spiritual bent) and made something new out of it… Holy spirits, if you will. It’s as if He were saying, “Rituals are fine, but I’m turning this thing on it’s ear.”

In fact, we know this is on purpose. John says as much when He calls Jesus’s actions a “sign.” And coincidentally, what do folks consider themselves washed by in regard to Jesus these days? Here’s a hint: it’s not just water.

But here’s when you KNOW He outstrips you in the creativity department:

Jesus didn’t even have to use the water.

He could have just materialized Pinot Noir outta nothing. His creative power is ultimately superior to any human’s.

Nice to know that when He chooses to work with earthbound materials, He does it to make a point.

Me and my tablet can learn a thing or two from that.

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