So that you’ll be proud of me:

I got to mesh two loves today: books… and chalk drawings.

A planning sketch. The blue bars are apparently part of the notecard's natural design.

One of the local high schools does an after-school book club for kids who want a safe place to hang out and/or get some community service hours. The book of choice this semester is none other than Twilight, probably because most of the attendees are girls. And this should not surprise you. Heck, in my high school, most of the literate folks were girls. Seriously.

(More proof? I actually dictate this blog aloud to a typist.)

The kids that go end up getting a tri-media experience. Normally, they spend the hour reading along in a print copy of the book while listening to the audio version. At the end of the program, they then get to watch the film version. This is pretty rad (again, if you like the subject material). But the girl who runs the program wanted a little extra something to draw the attention of potential attendees. Enter me. I got to dress up a chalkboard.

Closer look at Bella and Edward? Sure!

Oh-ho! The puns, the puns….

The only problem was the artificial light in the classroom. That board would glitter if the sun hit it just right…

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