Pour It Out, One Last Time

We are done on Saturday!
Out of the gates. Out of Columbus. Back to normal life. Amen and amen and amen.

This will be good. Last year, I was getting ready to finish my summer while looking toward 8 months in Tyler. Now, I’m trying to hold the prism up to the light to see what Waco will be like. I hope it means a job suitable for a guy who’s lived deep inside a Christian bubble for the past year (though that is not a detriment, trust me).

Before any of that, we have a group of inner city kids coming from Dallas. Mercy Street is the name of the ministry, and it’s lead by a man named Trey Hill who I’ve talked about before. He’s a man who puts his money where his mouth is– his life bespeaks a ton of integrity as far as loving and ministring to a population that has few chances to succeed and excell at the American Dream.

My prayer is that we all get to finish strong over here. I’m learning again and again the lesson Jesus taught Paul about weakness: it’s only when we’re in it that His power is made perfect. I’m looking forward to sleeping in my bed for a whole day when this finishes, but I’ll definitely miss the sense of being poured out to the last dregs while God gets ready to do His thing.

Funny how He empties us out first.

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