May Shrink In Wash

Well, the staff switched out this week. And the transition was fairly smooth. The only drawback is that between folks getting ready for Rush and being RA’s and taking classes and such, the second half of the summer just means less staff. We’ve joked a lot about how our director’s 3 year-old son quotes John 10:10: “God must get bigger; I must get smaller.” We’re finding this to be literally true. If our staff shrinks a little, God certainly has to get a little bigger.

This is by no means an emergency, by the way. It just means I don’t have the luxury of having extra staff to put on random projects and odd jobs. We have to budget who we put where that much more wisely.

Otherwise, it’s beginning to sink in that I have five weeks of this left. On a good day, that’s exciting because God is big and camp is fun. On a day when I look at my belly button more than I do at Scripture, it becomes a wariness toward five more weeks of doing the same thing OVER and OVER again.

May the spirit prevail over the old self! And may God keep increasing.

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