Explain Yourself.

It’s been a good three months since “Politik.” The election is decided. The economy is scary. Gas prices have cut themselves in half. Baylor actually beat A&M. And I’ve been off the interwebs. Why?

The lazy answer is that I’m 22 years old and a recent college graduate. It’s at this point that the proper genes unlock and Responsibility slowly begins to flood my veins and innundate my very being. At the same time, I still have to fight off that old college friend, Procrastination. It’s a weird battle. Apparently at some point, the Responsibility thing wins and I do stuff like get a job and pay taxes. Until then, I do things like completely forget I’ve established a blog to keep my old circles of community up to date on life.

Whatever. Let’s shoot straight: the better answer is that, for the past 3 months, I’ve been busy getting my spiritual butt in gear in Tyler, via the Pine Cove Forge program. And honestly, I haven’t cared to share a single whit of what I’ve learned.

Suffice it to say, I walked in thinking that my next job should have to do with cartooning and wondering how much I could grow in a community-based discipleship program without actually having to get involved with the community. A lot of rough conversations and teachable moments later, and now I’ve actually opened up to the 15 other people I spend most of my waking days with. And I’m wondering if cartooning should be the only vocation I try come next year.

My paradigm has shifted a little bit. But now I feel comfortable enough, resolving some of the cognitive dissonance I’ve been walking with for the past weeks, to let you in on my life at Pine Cove.

Starting tomorrow.

Or at least some point this week.

(This stuff doesn’t happen overnight).


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2 responses to “Explain Yourself.

  1. i post more often than you and i’m in ukraine! haha. good to hear from you, friend!

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