And then, the Interim.

Witness: a week back home. Super-exciting it is not. But restful?


Good connections with my fam?

You bet.

I am missing busy-ness, surprisingly enough. Part of it is having free access to a TV whenever I want, and I am abusing the privilege. I tend to plop down and let it eat my brain so I can make up for a very broadcast-free summer. But have you ever watched “Greek?” Remarkably engaging, friends. Beats “My Super Sweet Sixteen Presents: Exiled.”

At the same time, I also have freedom to turn off all distractions and just enjoy the quiet. My family is back in the throes of school and work, and I have a whole week and a half until my world speeds up again. This is prime time to process, to practice a little be-stilling and know-ing. This is what I can improve on, I think… not my capability to work a DirectTV remote (which is trickier than you’d think.)

My rest should be… purposeful… I’m thinking. And maybe that’s what I’ve been missing the whole time anyway. Purpose. The sense thereof.

God help me. I think I’m actually becoming an adult.


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3 responses to “And then, the Interim.

  1. i question how restful your break is considering your post was a 5:22 in the AM. of course, mine is at 2 am, but i never claimed to be resting.

  2. benjamite

    I think our timers are off. You posted at 2? You’re logged at 6:52. Don’t tell me you’ve got your compy on Ukranian time already.

  3. there must be a glitch in the motherboard! i am not yet on Ukrainian time, but i did find out TODAY that I am leaving Sept 25 for my staging event in PA and will be in Kyiv on Sept 28. Pretty crazy! I will try to meet some of the Humeniuk forefathers.

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