It’s Almost Over Now.

In a matter of hours, a couple of charter buses will pull up to the gates of camp and unload close to 90 at-risk and inner-city Dallas youth. And so will begin the final week of the Pine Cove Outback.

Some of us have spent 13 weeks out here. That’s over a quarter year. Considering the other three quarters are usually consumed with school, that’s a lot of time, I feel.

But come Sunday, I will pull out onto Highway 71  and start aiming my car at Brownwood, TX. And I’ll have a couple of weeks to actually rest. So may God continue to be gracious until that end.


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2 responses to “It’s Almost Over Now.

  1. jkwakefield

    I better see you in a few weeks! I miss you man.

    Maybe I’ll end up in Brownwood sometime soon.

  2. if you need a break from bwood we have a bed

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