The Other Kinds of Leccións

 Friday is my unofficial window to leave camp and get exposure to the real world. Well, kind of. In reality, I get to take a 10-minute drive to buy horse feed in LaGrange, Texas for our evening game. But there’s a Sonic next door that plays secular music.

It’s also a chance to talk to Carlos, who works at the dock there. I think we are becoming friends, and it seems to be a mutually beneficial relationship. For one, we can practice our Spanish together. And for two, he can sell me things. And for three, I actually get to charge it to Pine Cove’s horse… feed…. account.

But he also gives great advice, like at our first meeting.

“You need to get you a nice big Mexican woman,” he told me.

I asked why, then tried to offer a smart remark back. He smiled and shook his head.

“‘Cause she help you practice your Spanish. And no one’s gonna’ try an’ take her away from you. You won’t have to fight agains’ no one for her.”

A valid point, this. A valid point.


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2 responses to “The Other Kinds of Leccións

  1. davebonem

    Lol….wow, I love it. Please tell your wife this story…

  2. matt

    I’d stick with your uncle’s advice and go Russian. Much more exotic.

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