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Spider-Man, Spider-Man

I mocked this up over my lunch break. (Do I smell a boast? Yes, that’s my boast.)

My goodness, I love Photoshop.

The process started on Saturday night when I drew this picture of Spidey for a kid at the church. I snapped it with a super low-res camera phone:

After opening it in Photoshop, I fiddled with the levels and started filling in spots with color to take out some of the dark splotch on his left foot. After seeing the picture in red-and-blue, I really wanted a background. A Google Images search for “New York Skyline” (no restriction on rights) got me this:

Which I used “posterize” to turn into this:

and then layered the final image on top of. Using the “Stroke” function from the “Layer Style” menu gave Spidey a nice white outline, and the result is what you see above.

I’m telling you. Photoshop is MAGIC.


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New Comic! “Valuables”

I’m dusting off the old blog again. Check out a brand new comic:

You can also find this hanging out with the rest of the comics in the “Sunday in Black and White” series by clicking the tab up top!


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Terse Theology

My buddy Daniel emailed me the other day asking if I had done any theology cartoons that he might be able to use. He was giving a talk to an adult small group at his church about the usefulness of a good theology (or in vernacular: worldview of God), and he wanted to use something funny as a hook. I had a couple I’d done for a Baptist journal, so I attached them to a reply and shot em ‘off.

Then I read his notes and found a line in there that was too good to resist. So I went to work on the tablet.

Everyone has a theology- even those who don’t have any truck with God at all.

What’s yours, I wonder?

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