Comics From Guests: A Million Thanks

My friend Julian is a crazy person (he orchestrated this, for example). He’s also a talented artist, which I didn’t quite realize until he was our houseguest for a few weeks while on a med school rotation. This cartoon was his way of saying thanks.

I was pretty gratified.

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Comics for Camp: Completed!

As mentioned a few months ago, my ongoing illustration work with Pine Cove Christian Camps yielded some cool fruit this year: the opportunity to do comic pages. Here are the finished single-page stories I did for their Base Camps Bible Studies. (You can see the rough drafts here— most of which are pretty different from the final versions!)


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Month in Review: May

May is apparently the time when we change gears at the church. Major events wind down as families plan for vacations and summer sports, which requires less design and communication from my department. That means my responsibilities have shifted more toward short-form video production– which I intend to post more about soon– and away from pure graphics work.

Still, here’re a few bits and pieces from the past month that I’ve had a hand in:

Shirt design for our volunteer thank-you party.

A mockup of the same.

Artwork for one of the more popular (and messy!) events our children’s ministry puts on.

Preliminary art for a camp t-shirt.

And once again, the Interfaith Directory ad from earlier this month!

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Portfolio Pages!

I recently updated the “Portfolio” section of the site. Click on over for a look at some of my professional work from the past 6 months, including some pages I haven’t yet posted to the blog!

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A Short Post on Conventioneering

I visited a local event called ComicPalooza this weekend, which was great fun. It was a decently-sized comics convention: plenty to do and see, a healthy amount of distributors, a good mix of artists and smaller publishers, and lots of opportunities to meet and connect with other folks who are passionate about making comics.

It also offered some great opportunities to get feedback on my work, which I haven’t had so far. I mean, friends and family have always given me encouraging input, but it’s nice to have some strangers who do the same thing tell you exactly how your boo-boo might stink.

Basically, I’m leaving the weekend feeling energized and grateful, and like I’m part of a larger community of comics-makers, instead of just a guy doodling pages on an island.

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And So I Join the Instagram Copyists

I got into the graphics game by learning to create images– not by manipulating them. It’s anachronistic of me– most of our modern marketing and advertising, et al, is dependent on photography and the adjustment thereof. So I’m wading into those waters slowly.

Chris Spooner helped. He’s a designer I came across who offers some very savvy tutorials, one of which concerned how to make your photos look like they were fished out of an old Polaroid camera (or for short, “Instagram”).

So in the past few weeks, whenever I’ve had to do photo-oriented designs, I’ve relied heavily on Chris’s advice. I may be behind the times on the retro-analog craze, but I’ll be darned if I don’t wear myself out catching up!

Evidence below.

Ad for The Woodlands Interfaith 2012 directory. Photography by Jordan Bradley; top banner by Vince Mims.

Rack card for a school supply drive; photo courtesy of Tia Plum.

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Wives and Wheels (of Time)!

My wife is a talented woman in ways that I can’t fathom and that leave me absolutely envious. One of which is her clear and natural way of writing, which she doesn’t think is the case– but that’s a crock, says I!

Some great proof of her authorial brilliance is now up at Tellurian Things— mosey on over and check out her overview of The Wheel of Time series!

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