Waking Life is my current graphic novel project, published by Comicker Press. Book One is available in print via Amazon, Emerald City Comics Distro, and soon at Barnes and Noble. Book One and the in-progress Book Two are also available to read digitally on the following platforms:

KindleComiXologyDriveThruComicsHoopla DigitalFree-to-read webcomic (through Chapter 7)

Waking Life Book 1 Cover.png

Comic Portfolio (click below):Portfolio Slug

Previous Works:

“Vespa” (2014)

A short story about finding your people in the crowd. Written by Jonny Jimison.


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“The Spiders in the Window” (2014)

A student piece made while taking Frank Santoro’s Comics Correspondence Course


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“The Flautist” (2013)

A short Green Ranger fan comic, made as a submission for an unrealized zine project.


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“Nothing Indeed” (2012)

An adaptation of the Minutemen song, printed as part of Warren Craghead’s Double Nickels Forever tribute anthology.


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More past works coming soon! You can see a longer catalog (with links) here on my Tumblr.

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